As innovation of this year, Miopía Efectos Visuales has been enrolled in a new project, the biggest and out of its comfort zone up to the date. That is because Míopia has associated with Voxel School to give an option to the VFX lovers to form themselves and apply that knowledge in a real job environment. We are proud to present the new Máster de Miopía en VFX where academicians and people working on the postproduction are going to teach and demonstrate the importance that the VFX have nowadays not only on a national but in an international level.

You can read below the basic information about the course. If you want to know more or inscribe to the next course you just need yo go to

To whom it is addressed:

Students and professionals of artistic and technical areas interested in the digital composition and the generation of visual effects for professional productions in the area of the creative industries.

Summary of the course:

It exploits to the maximum the possibilities of the programs that the industry uses nowadays, making possible the impossible. It takes the control and handles the natural elements and the laws of the physics to your whim, make CGI fire, smoke, explosions, winds and fluids among others, everything with a hiperrealistic render, which will allow you to generate images of great impact and visual quality. In the Miopía en VFX Máster by Voxel School, imparted by the professionals of the Spanish study of reference of the visual effects, MIOPÍA EFECTOS VISUALES, will qualify you to dominate the professional pipeline of the industry of the visual effects which goes from the real live pictures and animation to video games and advertising.